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Come and join us! We are looking for singers who can hold a tune in all sections of the choir.

Please get in touch via phone or email, or just turn up to a rehearsal and see if you like us!

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Next Concert

St Giles Church, , Willenhall, Saturday, 28th September, 7pm.

St Stephen's church held its 40th year celebration on September 6th, and the church was decked in flowers both real and handmade. The efforts of the congregation were impressive and the church was beautiful. A good audience sang along at times, as we opened the proceedings, before a blessing and this was followed by a buffet and some fun and games. The evening was enjoyable and we even have a video recording of the event, courtesy of a church member.  You can watch it when I have sorted out how to upload it!

We were quite busy in July! On the 5th , some of us we sang at the Bloxwich Carnival, albeit briefly and the weather was kind. Then on Sunday, July 6th , we returned to Willenhall Park and did our 2 hour stint. It was not as warm as previous years , but we sang well and the audience appreciated us. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon so much, no one remembered to take any photographs!!!

The concert in May for our own funds was a great success! We had over 70 in attendance , and we sang well.

The choir were in good voice, and we had a number of solo, duet  and quartet peformances as well as a jazz piano treat from our accompanist, Matt Davies.

The audience was appreciative and they also enjoyed the cakes and pies and buns laid on for the hungry!

All in all a good night and we raised over £500 for choir funds. Thanks are due all round to the organisers , doorman, raffle sellers, and food providers and everyone who helped in any way. 

We held our Annual Dinner on January 7th, and a good time was had by one and all. We were entertained by Matt Flanagan as Michael Buble and the food was good. Unfortunately no-one thought to take any incriminating photos!

Also in January, Nick Jeavons , our accompanist for the last 2 years, left us to take up full time employment. All of us at Willenhall Singers wish Nick all the best for his future and thank him for his work whilst he was with us.

Nick kindly introduced his successor, Matt Davies, to us, and Matt is settling in well.

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Our final concert of 2018 was held at St Giles Church , Willenhall, where we performed Night of Miracles , and some festive carols. An enjoyable evening, and we also presented the cheque to representatives of Marie Curie Nurses , which had grown to £1500! We have a few photos, including one decent one of the choir, at last!