Willenhall  Singers



Come and join us! We are looking for singers who can hold a tune in all sections of the choir.

Please get in touch via phone or email, or just turn up to a rehearsal and see if you like us!

Subscriptions are just £10 monthly.

See Contact Us page for details.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all rehearsals and concerts are suspended.

Pleaase visit this page for further updates.  KEEP SAFE!

Choir Members





Here they all are! There are currently nearly 40 members, ages ranging up to 80 plus.  Some members have sung with the choir for more than 40 years.


 Our current line up is as follows:





Liz Brawn, Sue Clarke,Susan Cooper, Dorothy Copson, Jan Drover, Edna Homer,Suzanne Johnson, Janet Lloyd,  Rita Miller,  Margaret O'Callaghan, Maeve O'Connor, Annette Peach,(Committee Member),  Pat Small( Committee Member), Pat Smith, Anne Southan, Tina Titley, Olwen Warwick.





  Hilda Coulson (Committee Member), Buffy Kei,  Anne Langley,  Pam Proffitt, Gill Williamson.






   Mick Clarke, Richard Howells, Alan Cooper,Brian Daybell





   Dennis Emms(Committee Member), Kevin Hammond, Mike Langley, Don Melbourne, Tony Watkins.




Let's not forget  the two most important people- Justine Clarke, Musical Director and  Matt Davies, our recently acquired Accompanist. Here they are!
































As  you can see from our list of members above, we need more contraltos and tenors. If you can hold a note, come and join us. We have some fun and we sound quite good as well!